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Polly Pocket Dolls and Toys

Polly Pocket dolls and toys are your fashion-tastic fun toys you can play all day with your kids. Polly Pocket dolls can make the perfect match fashion toys for your little girls.

Polly Pocket line rocks the gaudy and brilliant array of lovable Polly Pocket doll sets and play sets which are hours of friendship, fashion and on the go fun! You can start or extend your little girl’s Polly Pocket collection with allowances such as Polly Pocket Ultimate World Collection.

Along with the Polly Pocket pack of dolls with contemporary and swank quickly-changing fashion and other too-adorable and charming compilations from the Polly Pocket world, Polly Pocket toys such as the Polly Pocket Polly world Doll House are the ideal gifts for your little daughter.

Helicopter Play set from Polly Pocket

It is sure to be wonderful and excellent experience if it is beginning in a chopper!

Polly pocket

Polly pocket

Polly pocket

Polly pocket

Polly pocket

Polly pocket

Polly pocket

Polly pocket

Polly pocket

Polly Pocket’s helicopter has reeling blades and lots of amusing and enjoyable accessories for the holidays! The complete set includes a Polly doll, laptop, a suitcase, and even a snorkel and surfboard and flippers!

• Polly doll along with the outfits

• A number of amazing accessories for the holidays!

• Polly Pocket two-seater chopper with spinning blades.

Polly Pocket toys

Pop open the pocket sized toys from Polly pocket and you will get your very own tiny little world inside. There you can find the itty bitty Polly Pocket doll herself, a slew of extremely little furniture and a few of her friends which you can always manage to somehow lose about 5 minutes after opening!

Polly came with a stand and three clothing accessory items:

The stand is a flat pink plastic heart with a single footprint on the side.

Polly’s left foot fits into the footprint, and this holds her upright (kind of…it lost its grip after a while).

So…she’s not an actual Polly Pocket doll, as those who are familiar with this brand probably noticed right away.

She stands 4 inches tall and is made entirely out of hard plastic. Here she is with the two halves of her body attached:

She comes with a tee shirt, shorts and shoes outfit that is permanently attached to her body.

Her face is fairly similar in style to the box art (which is Mattel’s official Polly Pocket design):

She has one point of articulation–her neck. She can look from side to side.

Her hair is also hard plastic and is molded into a ponytail. The hair is not painted, but rather made from its own piece of yellow plastic.

A seam can be seen where the hair attaches to the rest of the head (the hair is not removable, though):

Polly has huge painted blue eyes and a faint, dimpled smile:

Her eyebrows are almost at the very top of her head.

My doll’s left eye has a bit of a paint defect:

Polly’s outfit is also made out of separate pieces of colored plastic–not painted plastic.

She is wearing a cap-sleeved pink shirt and turquoise shorts. The shorts are super-short and have a mysterious notch at the front:

This Polly came with three clothing items that are all made out of bendable vinyl and all look like hats:

It’s actually hat, skirt, skirt.
There’s a cute pink skirt with an oval pattern that reminds me of strawberry seeds (maybe that’s just because of the abundance of time I’ve spent with Strawberry Shortcake stuff recently?). The other skirt is purple with molded tiers:

The hat is all purple with a wide brim and a molded band:

The hat has a really strange hole cut out of the back. At first glance I thought it was a jagged defect in the vinyl:

It’s actually a hole to accommodate the irregularly-shaped ponytail.

Polly Pocket Dolls- Mattel- News

. On 21st November, 2006, toy maker, Mattel Inc. joined the Consumer Safety Product Commission in calling up some of its Mattel Polly Pocket accessories and dolls with magnets. The remembrance follows the treatment of 3 young children who according to the reports, consumed more than 1 magnet from the recalled toys which created holes in their intestines which needed operation.


Polly pocket

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